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April 2022 Career News

I am fresh off my return from PARWCC’s (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches) Thrive Conference in lovely Clearwater Beach, FL!

This was the first time in the four and a half years since I founded Career Benders that I was able to connect and network with fellow coaches and resume writers, and it was amazing! The echo chamber of a peer group really provides some validation and insight into the way run our individual businesses.

The good news?

It turns out the madness in my head is the madness in other coaches’ heads too! Whew; all the insights and suggestions we give you are on trend and aligned with the best practices of the market. While I knew this to be the case thanks to the amazing success rates we’ve seen from job seeker clients, it’s nice to get some external confirmation too.

A highlight of the trip, in addition to making some awesome new friends and getting to present a workshop on the “business of coaching,” was the hiring manager panel. We were able to get in the same room with a talent acquisition coordinator, healthcare recruiter, and HR executive from a $1B corporation, which was so helpful to understanding the trends in hiring today.


Here are a few of my takeaways:

– It’s still a candidate’s market, particularly for boots-on-the-ground roles requiring in-person office time. The panel reported that applications were significantly down for those roles versus anything they had open remotely.

– They’re listening! This group, which represented a cross-section of the industry, confirmed they’re working with hiring managers and leaders to shift roles that can be done remotely to that format. Win for us!

– Applications for remote-only roles are still high, and hiring managers still have [unreasonable] expectations when it comes to finding the unicorn they think they need. It was refreshing to hear the panel talk about how they coach their hiring managers to be more reasonable on that front.


What do I think that means for those of us on the searching side?

– Keep demanding remote roles; we’re forcing that shift, and it’s happening.

– If you want to make a career change, this is a good time to do it because there’s more manual resume review happening. That said, you’ll still need a tip-top one to get past these eyeballs, and you’ll still want to exhibit a strong value proposition to appease the high expectations of those hiring managers.

– Location-based roles will be less competitive, which provides an interesting pivot point for you career-changers.

– These folks are resume critical, so that helps give me a little job security, haha! It also confirms that what we do as resume writers is critical work to helping candidates land an interview, level up, and get paid their worth.


I love a good conference and had forgotten how much I enjoy working a room and being as Type A Extroverted as possible. No joke! This is probably also not a shock to any of you 🙂

As far as the market outside of the PARWCC bubble, it’s still moving. Hiring has slowed slightly from what was an adjusted new-year cycle that ran Feb/March instead of Jan/Feb. There’s still a lot of activity, but the processes have paced down a little. That’s ok. I don’t know that I can work through 24 interview preps + offer negotiations in a month again!

Economic forecasts are showing an upward trend for Q2, which matches some predictions I heard from recruiter friends around the beginning of the year. It’s possible we’ll see another strong spring/summer hiring cycle as we did last year, which would be fantastic. We should be coming up on new grad hiring in the next few weeks, so that’ll be telling. Let’s hope the class of 2022 shows strong results to give us all hope that things will continue to stay fluid.

My last thoughts:

When I started Career Benders in January of 2018, I did some research on job satisfaction. All the statistics I pulled pointed to one thing. People hated their jobs. I decided to do little digging earlier today to pull newer statistics for a LinkedIn post I put together, and I found something interesting. Apparently, the work my colleagues and I are doing is helping – less people hate their jobs now! I can’t find quite as hard a number or reliable datapoint as the previous 70%, which was released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, but from what I can tell, that percentage has dropped to around half.

Things are moving in the right direction, so let’s keep it up!

Happy Spring!


Your Friend and Coach,


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