August 2022 Career News

What’s REALLY Happening in the Job Market?

August Career News: Jobs created, hiring is happening (Prime Video Hire!), and Celebrations

Bureau of Labor Stats 

580,000. That’s how many jobs were reportedly created in the U.S. market in July. This is quite outstanding. Not only is that almost 50% more than each of the three previous months, but it’s also double the projection. What’s even more incredible is that July is typically a down month for hiring. I call it the Summer Slump.

These latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics should build confidence that the hiring market is still strong. My guess is that this data has a slight skew from people seeking part-time jobs in an attempt to combat inflation, which would also make the extremely low unemployment numbers make sense.

Are the company’s hiring schedules reflecting what the job market stats show?

Regardless, I’m still seeing a lot of hiring activity from companies across the board – large, small, start-up, and established. I had three clients interviewing for high-level roles at corporate Amazon within the same week (one of them landed a sweet gig with Prime Video). I’m also seeing stronger new grad and entry-level activity.

Hiring in this area can be very telling, as early career roles are typically the first to “go” when companies tighten up hiring. The handful of new grads on the active client roster has seen quite a bit of interview activity in the past few weeks, and a few are not off the market.

Reasons to Celebrate

We did a little tally and have helped over 325 people negotiate new land roles in the last 18 months! Even I was blown away by this statistic, and there are some amazing recent highlights in there, including senior-level roles at Evil Geniuses, GitHub, CapitalOne, Oracle, and Twilio.

Negotiating Tip 

Negotiating offers is one of my favorite parts of this job, so here’s a fun little tip.

Make your next salary negotiation about factors outside of you, whether for the role you have or a new role you’re offered. Use market research and salary data to back your ask, so the request isn’t about your need but the “going market rate” for your level, experience, and position. Good luck!

In Summary

The summary above should inspire you to keep going if you’re already searching and start if you haven’t yet. The numbers prove the market remains very active, and salaries are still inflated. I expect we’ll see a great fall hiring cycle, as September/October typically provides the second largest wave of hiring after the Q1/New Year craze. This is an excellent time to test the waters, put your brand out there, and see where you’re marketable. If you don’t land a new role by Thanksgiving, you get a holiday break to get back out there with new gust (and new insights) come 2023!

How is it almost 2023? Or, September!?

Happy back to school. Now you can focus on yourself. Let me know how I can help 🙂



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