Best In Class: Top 10 Career Coaches and Resume Writers of 2024

Are you finding yourself in the market for a career coach or resume writer? How do you choose one when there is an abundance of options? You could choose based on specialty, years in business, or price – but I would say the absolute best way to choose a career coach or resume writer is by having a conversation with them and allowing time to get to know one another. This is such an intimate time that you need to have a good connection with your coach.

As a leader in the career services space, I keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening, who’s making moves, and who I would trust with my own career development if I found a need for my own services. 

I began publishing a list of the Top 10 Career Coaches and Resume Writers in 2023 as a way to recognize peers I feel worthy of the shout-out while giving you a list of pre-vetted service providers who have been endorsed by me and Career Benders. 

I choose this list based on a variety of qualifications – from specialties and different styles to LinkedIn visibility and contributions to the industry. 

Each year, the list is different, so I’m excited to introduce you to ten new faces who weren’t on last year’s list.

Meet the Top 10 Career Coaches and Resume Writers of 2024

Eric Nehrlich, Executive Leadership Coach


As a former Google exec and new author of You Have Choice: Beyond Hard Work to Meaningful Impact, Eric brings a unique perspective to executive and leadership coaching. 

With a focus on impact without the typical burnout that comes from high-level leadership, Eric transforms leaders and teams by helping you change your mindset and identify the blind spots that are holding you back. 

I love Eric’s approach to coaching, which is very much rooted in his own practical experience through career transitions, leadership, and taking the leap to an intentional path. 

Connect with Eric on LinkedIn 

Lili Foggle, Interview Coach


Lili is the founder of Impressive Interviewing, and she’s also one of the loveliest humans you’ll meet. With a focus on helping you build authenticity in your interviewing, Lili will help you go into your next interview prepared and confident. 

Connect with Lili on LinkedIn

Ashley Watkins Thomas, Top Recruiter and Resume Coach


As a job seeker, we all want to see behind the recruitment curtain, and Ashley provides that. I love that she’s creating a bridge between two sides of the hiring process that can often feel divided. She’s one of the good (great) ones, y’all! 

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Ashley, and I appreciate her fresh perspective on recruitment, ATS, and the humans who are still at the heart of all hiring. 

She and I share a lot of similar views on how to hire and be hired, and I am grateful for what she’s doing to support candidates from all angles!

Connect with Ashley on LinkedIn

Dustin Beasley, Mid-Career Resume Writer


If you want the A+ student, call Dustin. Not only is he a CPRW through PAWRCC, but he passed the certification with one of the highest scores we’ve ever seen (and I know, I grade exams). 

Dustin and I take a similar approach to resume writing in that we both focus on in-person sessions with our clients to get the information needed to create a personalized resume that reflects both your marketability and your personality.

 Connect with Dustin on LinkedIn

Natascha F. Saunders, Ed. D., Student Career Coach


Natascha is the founder of The Youth Career Coach where she delivers comprehensive career coaching, leadership development and training to help students build self-awareness and market-readiness. 

We’ll all be impacted by the next generation of professionals, so I’m grateful that Natascha is enabling them to perform their best.

She’s also just launched the Certified Student Career Coach (CSCC) program through PAWRCC to help other career coaches serve this demographic as well. Talk about a thought leader!

Connect with Natascha on LinkedIn

Andrea Yacub Macek, Career Change Coach


If you’re looking to answer the existential question: “What do you want to be when you grow up,” look no further. Andrea is your expert. 

With a focus on mid-career through executive women, Andrea  helps professionals find a meaningful career with boundaries and balance. If you’re looking to find an intentional next step in your career that feels more fulfilling or aligned with your values, contact Andrea. 

Connect with Andrea on LinkedIn

Franklin Buchanan, Outplacement Services


You know I love anyone who posts videos on LinkedIn while drinking beer! Like me, Franklin doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he takes his work as a resume writer and outplacement coach to the highest level. 

With a focus on complete job search assistance, Franklin provides personalized solutions to job seekers displaced due to layoff or looking for their next role by helping dial in personal brands, resumes, interview prep, salary negotiation and more. 

Connect with Franklin on LinkedIn

Kris Drobocky Baitoo, Job Search Strategy


Kris has made a career out of getting clients jobs, first as a high-level recruiter and now as a career coach and resume writer. 

As a job search guide, accountability partner, motivator, coach, trainer, and wonderful colleague to yours truly, Kris is the job search unicorn you want guiding your job search. 

Career clarity, resume writing, interview coaching, LinkedIn optimization – she covers it all in her comprehensive approach to job search coaching. 

Connect with Kris on LinkedIn 

Kathy Bailon, Best Newcomer


If you’ve ever worked with me for coach coaching, you know how much I love “the niche,” and Kathy is the perfect example of someone who knows exactly who she helps. 

Creatives and professionals in the fashion industry!

Connect with Kathy on LinkedIn

Greg Roche, Networking Coach


The introverted networker. Yep, that’s Greg, and as someone who is distinctly NOT an introvert, I appreciate how Greg makes networking approachable for all personality types. 

Greg practices what we preaches, and you can see him out there networking and engaging on LinkedIn regularly, even while balancing his day job as the VP of Compensation with UnitedHealth Group. 

Connect with Greg on LinkedIn 

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