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Best In Class: Top 10 Career Coaches and Resume Writers of 2023

Are you finding yourself in the market for a career coach or resume writer? How do you choose one when there is an abundance of options? You could choose based on specialty, years in business, or price – but I would say the absolute best way to choose a career coach or resume writer is by having a conversation with them and allowing time to get to know one another. This is such an intimate time that you need to have a good connection with your coach.

The Career Coach and Resume Writer List

There are so many benefits of working with a coach: having a well-written resume, job application accountability, job search strategy, interview prep, and many more. I highly recommend anyone on this list as a great option to consider. 

I compiled this list based on a variety of qualifications, and as you will see each writer and coach has been given a special honor next to their name for what they do best. I also kept in mind their specialty, niche, and style.

There are certainly many other options out there for career coaching and resume writing like Find My Profession and Career Contessa.

Maybe you’re still on the fence about hiring a coach or writer, but trust me, it’s an icky feeling to write your own resume. 

Yeah, you can look up free templates and use the thesaurus for new word options, but its nothing like having someone reviewing your details and looking from the outside in. The same goes for career coaching.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at these top 10 career coaches and resume writers.

Top 10 Best Career Coaches and Resume Writers

Chaz Darling, Best Newcomer


Chaz specializes in career and life coaching for practical people, and I couldn’t love this target more! With a background in medical device and sales, Chaz brings career coaching to an often overlooked niche: medical professionals. 


His communication style is on point, and his understanding of the benefits of career coaching provides unique perspectives to clients trying to break out of the rat race and design a more fulfilling career.


Connect with Chaz on LinkedIn

Cory Steward, Best Confidence Coach


Cory’s energy is infectious. As soon as you talk to him, you know exactly why he excels at helping people build confidence and successfully navigate challenging interview processes. 


His clients have landed at some very desirable companies, including Universal, and Samsung, Disney. If that’s not a testament to Cory’s ability to help you build you career confidence, I don’t know what is!


Connect with Cory on LinkedIn

Jheneal McDuffie, Best "With a Flair"

Website: The Resume Chic


As an award-winning resume writer, Jheneal has racked up some pretty impressive accomplishments in the world of resume writing, and I happen to know she’s a pretty amazing human as well. 


Jheneal knows how to bring color, flair, and tasteful graphic elements to enhance a resume’s content without going overboard or creating a distraction. If you’re looking for a visually stunning resume that showcases your accomplishments in a unique and fashionable way, look no further.


Connect with Jheneal on LinkedIn

Mark Misiano, Best a la Cart, Fast-Quality

Website: ResumeReady


There are a million opinions in the world of coaching and resume writing, and Mark has found a way to offer you all the options without making the process overwhelming. His intake process is streamlined without being impersonal, and his a la carte menu of resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, and light coaching options gives you the flexibility to put your dollars where you feel you’ll get the greatest ROI.


Connect with Mark on LinkedIn

Denise Bitler, Best Board and Executive Resume


Denise is about as baller at resumes as she is contracts, so if you’re looking for a detail-oriented professional who covers all of her bases, here she is! Denise’s straightforward and no-nonsense approach to resume writing and interview preparation is exactly what busy executives need for a streamlined, effective job search. 


If taking your career to the next level, or obtaining a board seat, is on your list of goals for 2023, we recommend Denise 100 times over!

Connect with Denise on LinkedIn

Bogdan Zlatkov, Best Free Digital Resource


Bogdan has been a wonderful colleague and remains trusted source for career information. The resources he provides through GHYC come from his own experience as a job seeker and career change, and that first-hand knowledge shows.


GHYC features everything you need to conduct a killer DIY job search. From creative resume evaluation tools to how to interview as an introvert – and everything in between – we love everything Bogdan has to offer through his site. 


The bonus? GHYC is free and 100% donation based! 


Connect with Bogdan on LinkedIn


Stephanie Renk, Best Reliable Full-Service


Sometimes you just need all the things, and Stephanie is there for you when you do! Stephanie’s experience in career coaching and resume writing spans five years, where she’s amassed a wealth of knowledge to help all levels of job seeker understand their value, strategize their search, get the resume they need, and interview like a champ. 


If you’d like comprehensive support to get you from start-to-finish in your upcoming job search, Stephanie with Next Step Career Services will get you there with care and professionalism.


Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn

Shaina Lane, Best Leadership and Strengths-Based Professional Development


As a certified Strengthsfinder coach, Shaina leverages my favorite assessment to help professionals plan their careers, level up management skills, and build amazing teams. Shaina works with both individuals and companies to support healthy leadership and professional development, something we could all use no matter where we’re at in our career or the level at which we perform. 


With a background in athletic training, Shaina brings a well-rounded view to career and leadership coaching to help clients elevate their whole self for a better life personally and professionally. 


Connect with Shaina on LinkedIn

Sara Camilo, Best for Interview Coaching

Website: Camilo Careers


Sara’s enthusiasm for career development and coaching is infectious, which is why we just had to include her on this list! She also has a “total interview program” that will help you take charge of your career, elevate your life, and land the job you want (and deserve).


We love coaches who support the idea that you deserve to be happy in your career!


Connect with Sara on LinkedIn

Jason Burks, Best for Federal Career and Military Transitions

Website: We Must Grow


If you’re a government or military professional seeking to transition or understand where you fit outside of these specific environments, look to Jason Burks. As a military vet, Jason has been where you’ve been, and he uses his experience – and success – making a successful transition to inform his approach to coaching and resume writing. 


Jason has a robust toolkit of resources and knowledge that will undoubtedly help you gain clarity on your next move, whether you’re a civilian or an upcoming veteran. 


Connect with Jason on LinkedIn

THe No-BS Blueprint for a successful job search

Award-winning career coach Angie Callen covers everything you need to know about job searching in the current market. 

No more trolling job boards and free advice for hours on end, just outcomes-based strategies to maximize your career. Click the link below to grab your copy today! 

Get the guidance you need to land your next great role. 

  • Strategies to make your search efficient and effective.
  • Resources to create a resume that resonates.
  • Ideas on how to remove the ick from networking
  • Proven framework to help you nail your next interview.

Angie’s resume guidance transformed my job search. I used her feedback to revamp my resume, responded to a rejection, and within a month, I landed the job of my dreams! – Will, Netflix Engineer

Angie Callen, Founder

I created Career Benders to inspire confident professionals. In just three years, we have helped nearly 500 professionals navigate job searches, nail interviews, and find satisfaction in their careers. We’re here for you!

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