Career Change Coaching

For those who need help answering the existential question: 

What do I want to be when I grow up?!

“Do you have career clarity?”

Design the life you want...

and then create the career that fits those goals!

You’ve had that nagging feeling for years. It’s time to do something new, but it’s overwhelming; you don’t know where to start or don’t have the foggiest clue what you’d do.

That’s where we come in!

Our life-centric approach to career coaching is perfect for those looking to explore change and discover new possibilities. But it doesn’t stop there. Here at Career Benders, inspiration is never the final deliverable. It’s important to help you find a new path and to support you in the journey to actually making it a reality.

Will you be our next success story?

Your Friend and Coach, 

Angie Callen, CPCC, CPRW

Founder, Principal, and passionate      Executive Search Coach


Career Development Coaching

We realizing making a career change takes time, and you may want to know your options before committing to a full process.

This limited engagement starts with two career planning sessions to assess your goals, marketability, and options for new career directions.

We’ll offer guidance on how to research options, so when we come back together in the second session, we analyze the findings to help you gain the clarity for the next step.

If you choose to begin searching right away, we can “roll you into” the full Career Change Program.


Two 60-Minute Career Planning Sessions 

Tools and structured framework to explore and research

Resources to find out more about the options 

Analysis of the findings with recommendations on where to focus your career change efforts, including upskilling, certifications, or learning options to fill gaps or gain additional experience. 

Additional sessions available at 299 each. 


Career Change Program

We fully subscribe to the ideal that inspiration is not a deliverable, and the last thing we want to do is push you towards a goal without arming you with the tools, resources, and support you need to achieve it.

That’s why we steer career changers towards this comprehensive engagement where we work together to define your goals, identify options, and obtain that new career target.

Career changes take time and strategy, and we’ll deliver you the outcome of it’s the last thing we do.


Part 1: Discovery 

Six 1:1 Coaching Sessions over Six Months

30-Minute Mini Sessions for Accountability as you search

Personal Goal-Setting and Life Parameters

Professional Priorities and Skills Assessments

Salary Analysis, Goals, and Research

Workplace culture Evaluations

Identifying Transferable Skills

Research and Feedback (Homework!)

Role, Industry, and Company Targeting

Part 2: The Search for Your New Career 

Job Search Coaching

Resume and Portfolio 

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Optimization 

Networking and LinkedIn Coaching 

Certifications and Upskilling

In-Depth Interview Preparation

Offer Negotiation 

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Angie Callen


Client Focus:

  • Executives (all functions)
  • C-Suite Executives and Senior Leaders
  • Leaders Seeking First Director Title
  • Technology and STEM Professionals mid-career and above
  • Entrepreneurs

Angie is an award-winning founder, coach, and entrepreneur. She started Career Benders in 2018 with the goal of helping people reach their potential and find career satisfaction. Her passion for her work and commitment to client success is unmatched in the industry, where she has become a top voice in career development. 

Angie is a Certified Professional Career Coach and Certified Professional Resume writer accredited through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. You can read more about her here

Acacia Fante


Client Focus:

  • Transitioning Teachers
  • Marketing
  • Start-Ups
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Mid-Career Managers
  • Career Changers

Acacia has anchored her career on building dignified work experiences. It’s why she started her professional path as a classroom teacher before choosing to leave teaching, move into technology, and subsequently become a career coach.

Acacia is a Career Benders success story – she’s been coached and mentored by Angie, and more importantly, she’s been in the exact shoes you’re standing in today.  You can read more about her here. 

Tonya Sandeman


Client Focus:

  • AEC Professionals
  • New Grads
  • Career Changers
  • Marketing/Comms
  • HR
  • NonProfit
  • Level-Up to Management

Tonya is a seasoned communications executive with a wealth of experience in the dynamic AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) and energy sectors. She’s passionate about helping clients reach their full potential, which is why she fits perfectly into the Career Benders coaching team! 

Having navigated her own career transitions and professional development journey, Tonya is uniquely positioned to guide you in aligning your career with your personal values and life goals. You can read more about her here. 

*Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee certain results. Success in these program is dependent on market conditions, industry, qualifications, your commitment to the program, and your aggression in seeking opportunities. 

Career Benders, Inc. is not responsible for the jobs you are or are not offered, do or do not accept, or are otherwise unsatisfied with. By participating in coaching , you agree to these terms and release Career Benders, Inc. from all liability.*