Job Search Strategy (In-Depth)

Ready to land your dream job? We’re here to help you navigate the process.

So you’re ready to start searching for a new job. Whether you want to make a lateral move to a new company, are looking to make a pivot, or otherwise need help positioning yourself as the awesome candidate you are, our job search strategy process will take the stress out of your search. 


How It Works

The Job Search Strategy Package is designed to help you plan a comprehensive and cohesive approach to your job search. From resume overhauls to interview prep, where to find jobs, and what to put in a cover letter, we guide you through the process of creating a rock-solid application package and search strategy.


While the execution of this package varies from person to person and by the level of experience, the core milestones are very similar. 


Here’s what you can expect:  

Our Job Search Strategy Package consists of three-to-five (depending on level and package) one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions held via video. The flow will look something like this…

Session 1: Role targeting and job search strategy.

Session 2: Resume overhaul (includes a Cover Letter Template and LinkedIn Overhaul).

Session 3: Networking strategy, outreach, and the personalized component of the search.

Session 4: Interview Prep

Session 5: Negotiation Mini-Session 

We’re also always here for quick check-ins and questions throughout your search; we include 20-minute check-ins to support you during the time between search and interviews!


Goals, Accomplishments, and Takeaways:

  • We review your current work situation, skills, experience, and knowledge and collect information on the job, company, or career you’re targeting in your search. 
  • Together, we rebuild your experience, getting creative in how we spin your resume. Our goal is to highlight your unique qualifications, based on the work history only you have
  • We craft a killer cover letter that explains exactly why you want the job you’re applying for and why they need you. This becomes a template you can customize each time you apply.
  • We update your LinkedIn profile to correspond to this new and improved personal brand we’re creating, and we talk through LinkedIn coaching to help you leverage the platform. 
  • We hold an interview prep session, which includes responses to common interview questions, responses to job or industry specific questions, and things you need to be asking to vet the potential employer as a fit for you. This session is recorded, so you can reference time and again.
  • We work together to negotiate the best possible offer you can imagine!

Ready? Want More Info?

We offer free 30-minute Strategy Sessions to get to know you better. We’ll answer any questions you have about the program and get an idea of your career goals. 

This is also a great way for you to make sure it’s a great fit.


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*Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee certain results. Success in this program is dependent on market conditions, industry, qualifications, your commitment to the program, and your aggression in seeking opportunities. Career Benders, Inc. is not responsible for the jobs you are or are not offered, do or do not accept, or are otherwise unsatisfied with. By participating in coaching or consulting, you agree to these Terms and Release Career Benders, Inc. from all liability.