May 2024 Career News

Welcome to the Career Economy! How is it already May 9th?  As we <gasp> head into the second half of the year, I’m seeing positive indicators of things to come. The overall labor economy continues to prove the markets wrong with its resilience and consistency, yet the professional/white-collar sectors are still feeling the pinch. Luckily, […]

September 2023 Career News

Welcome to the Career Economy! Is it possible to stick a soft landing while the market heats up? That may be just what’s happening. I have to start this month’s rundown with a conveniently timed bit of economic news that came out today – Goldman Sachs lowered the odds of a U.S. recession from 35% […]

August 2023 Career News

Welcome to the Career Economy! Welp, I can say the prediction and good indicators I talked about in last month’s newsletter didn’t necessarily pan out like I thought they would. The beam of light that showed up around the Fourth of July ended up being a blip in the radar, as activity fell off again, […]

July 2023 Career News

Welcome to the Career Economy! Is the cool-off here? Perhaps. But maybe not.  June hiring clocked in at just about 200k new jobs, falling fairly closely to predictions (225k) and, after a small surge in May, on pace with what we saw in February, March, and April.  Unemployment fell an insignificant tenth of a point, a potentially […]

June 2023 Career News

Welcome to the Career Economy! While I wrap my head around the fact that we’re nearly midway through the year, and it is light out when I go to bed, another month of job data became available.  In short: hiring booms, unemployment rises, and the Fed tries to keep it cool. Yep, that’s pretty much it in […]

May 2023 Career News

Welcome to the Career Economy! I can’t believe it’s already May!  Another month of data is in, and it’s time to fill you in on some interesting insights and my observations on what’s happening in the job market.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making a prediction about the market, and there are glimpses that it’s […]

April 2023 Career News

Welcome to the Career Economy! The heat is…off? After substantial job growth in January (500k+ jobs) and higher-than-anticipated job growth in February, we’re finally seeing a slight cooldown in the labor market, as there’s been a gradual deceleration in new jobs since the start of the year.  That said, we saw a pretty solid performance in March […]

March 2023 Career News

  Welcome to the Career Economy! Another month of employment data hit the scene last week. Between more job gains that outperformed predictions, two bank failures, loopy inflation, and a dwindling debt ceiling, I’ve got one thing to say about the current state of the career economy.  In the words of Samuel L. Jackson… Hold on to your butts, ’cause here […]

February 2023 Career News

Career News got a facelift! Welcome to the Career Economy Newsletter!  → Don’t worry; this is the same fresh perspective, data-backed facts, and observations you’ve enjoyed for the past five years. It just got a new name  After a recent podcast appearance with my good friend Orlando Haynes, who titled the episode “Career Economy with Angie Callen,” I decided to run with […]

January 2023 Career News

Here We are…January! The month all job seekers, career coaches, and resume writers wait for like 5-year-olds on Christmas morning.  While you may not have woken up a 4: 59 a.m. to peer out the window in the hopes of spying Santa’s sleigh, you may be a little restless thinking about what the market will bring this […]