September 2022 Career News

The Scoop on the Job Market. September Career News  The fall equinox is less than 24 hours away, and we’re rounding the corner into cooler weather and leaf peeping. Fall is one of my favorite times of year here in the Colorado Rockies. The chilly nights get us excited for ski season as Loveland and […]

August 2022 Career News

What’s REALLY Happening in the Job Market? August Career News: Jobs created, hiring is happening (Prime Video Hire!), and Celebrations Bureau of Labor Stats  580,000. That’s how many jobs were reportedly created in the U.S. market in July. This is quite outstanding. Not only is that almost 50% more than each of the three previous […]

July 2022 Career News

July Career News

What’s REALLY Happening Out There? July Career News: Our perspective on the recession and inflation. While the words inflation and recession seem to be part of every conversation I’ve had recently, there are some interesting – and positive – things happening out there in the hiring market that should keep your spirits high. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics […]

June 2022 Career News

June Career News

Let’s dig into the results from May! June Career News: We’re halfway through the year. Yeah, let that sink in, right? If you set goals at the start of the year (remember that handy-dandy goals worksheet we sent out!?), this is a great time to review them and take stock of how you’re doing. If […]

May 2022 Career News

Job growth continued to increase in April with nearly half-a-million jobs added to the workforce. We’ve now gained back 95% of jobs lost during the pandemic, and I predict the 5% left is representative of those who decided not to return. The New York Times interviewed Oxford Economist, Oren Klachin, who predicts the U.S. economy […]

April 2022 Career News

PARWCC Conference

I am fresh off my return from PARWCC’s (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches) Thrive Conference in lovely Clearwater Beach, FL! This was the first time in the four and a half years since I founded Career Benders that I was able to connect and network with fellow coaches and resume writers, and […]

March 2022 Career News

March Career News

We’re rounding out Q1 of 2022. How did we get here? I’m still wondering where April 2020 went! Regardless, I’m quite happy we’ve arrived at this point in time because we’re going to kick off this monthly market update with some C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.I.N.G! The past month has seen some pretty incredible outcomes for clients across a range […]

February 2022 Career News

The world is such an interesting place. On one side of the globe, a second Cold War is emerging, and over here in the West, we’re seeing the lowest rates in jobless claims we’ve seen since January of 2020. The Department of Labor’s current report indicates declines in both new unemployment claims and also in continued filings, which […]

January 2022 Career News

That ever-so-critical time of year is here: new year hiring. This cub reporter has some interesting insights to share with you now that we’re nearly through the month of January, settle in for some really fascinating facts and observations. First, let’s rewind. The Great Resignation. It’s basically a household buzzword at this point, and it […]

December 2021 Career News

We’ve made it through a crazy, unpredictable, and wild year in the hiring. Whew! As we roll into the end of the year, I usually talk about preparing for the coming hit in hiring associated with the new year. Don’t worry, I’m going to talk about that too, but the past several months have been […]