Business of Coaching Vol.7: Selling Solutions

Do You Know What Problem You Solve? The Power of Client-Centric Services

In the world of career coaching and resume writing, success is often defined by one key metric: the ability to help clients achieve their professional goals. 

Whether it’s landing a “dream” job, navigating a career transition, or crafting the perfect resume, our services are ultimately designed to solve specific problems our clients face. 

Do you truly understand the problems you solve?

Understanding the problems you solve and how to deliver solutions to your target audience can transform your business as a career coach and resume writer. 

If you’ve been through the Build Your Business program (the next cohort begins October 18th; shameless plug!), you know how adamant I am about packaging solutions to your niche’s problems

→ Why Problems-Solving Matters

As career coaches and resume writers, we’re in the business of transformation. 

Our skills, knowledge, and experience guide people through critical life decisions, and the relationship behind that engagement can revolutionize the outcome.

Here’s why it matters:

  1. Enhanced  the Client Experience

Putting your clients’ challenges front and center allows you to create a more tailored and effective experience. When clients feel that you truly understand their problems, they’re more likely to engage and trust the process. This also means they’re more likely to return and refer!

  1. Differentiation and Targeting

Let’s face it; our profession is growing, and standing out requires a clear value proposition that articulates the unique problems you’re equipped to solve. This not only helps you differentiate but also attracts the right clients who resonate with your expertise. That sounds a lot like a niche! 

  1. Tailored Marketing

Knowing the specific problems you solve enables you to craft targeted marketing campaigns. Your messaging can directly address the pain points your clients are experiencing, making your services more appealing. Sounds a lot like what we do for client resumes, eh?

  1. Powerful Value Proposition

A clear understanding of the problems you solve feeds into a compelling value proposition. It’s the promise of value you bring to your clients, and when they see how your services address their needs, you become a more appealing choice. This means “selling” no longer feels like “sales” because you’re offering a value-based outcome to someone who needs it. Look at what we did there!

Identifying the Problems You Solve

Not sure how to take a resume and turn it into a solution to someone’s problem? Here are ways you can explore how to identify the problems you solve:

→ Listen to Your Clients: Pay attention to the questions they ask, the challenges they describe, and the outcomes they desire. Often, clients will explicitly state the issues they’re facing when given the safe space (or prompt) to do so. 

→ Market Research: Look for common pain points, trends, and challenges that professionals in your target audience frequently encounter. Online forums, social media groups, and industry publications can be valuable sources of insight and can also provide clues as to the language the audience uses to speak about their challenges.

→ Collaborate: We’re all here for each other! Sharing experiences and discussing common client issues can help you gain a deeper understanding of the challenges your clients face. Your peers may offer valuable perspectives and solutions you hadn’t considered.

→ Success Stories: Examine the specific problems you addressed with clients and how your services led to positive outcomes for that particular avatar. 

→ Embrace Your Uniqueness: Consider what unique qualities you bring to your profession and how those can provide a particular client with rare insight or empathy to support your process. 

Don’t overthink this. The problems you solve most effectively often align with your personal strengths, experience, and knowledge; it’s very likely the solution you’re meant to deliver is sitting there, right in front of your face, while you go to the ends of the Earth to find it. 

If you’re ready to build lasting relationships with clients while creating a reputation for outcomes, this is your answer. I challenge you to explore how you can present your offerings as solutions instead of transactional projects to see how the sales process feels different – better, more organic, more natural, and more successful. 

Your Friend and Coach, 


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