December 2021 Career News

We’ve made it through a crazy, unpredictable, and wild year in the hiring. Whew!

As we roll into the end of the year, I usually talk about preparing for the coming hit in hiring associated with the new year. Don’t worry, I’m going to talk about that too, but the past several months have been so interesting, it’s worth setting the stage for what (I think) you’re about to experience in early 2022.

Here’s a typical hiring cycle for a “normal” year:

January + February = BOOM.

March = residual hiring and backfilling from the BOOM.

April + May = New grad and early career hiring and onboarding.

June through Mid-August = Summer slump.

September, October, and mid-November = mini-BOOM.

Thanksgiving – Christmas = It’s a ghost town.

This past year saw some changes in the summer market, which was stronger than a new year BOOM. It was nuts. Now, what’s most fascinating is the number of NEW interview processes I’ve seen starting in the past two weeks. I have clients getting calls for interviews this week! It’s Christmas!

This unheard-of activity is very encouraging for what we should see in the New Year. Many of these interviews are for client-facing, sales, and customer success roles, which means employers are thinking proactively to prepare their businesses to prospect, acquire, and grow their client bases. All of that indicates positive business and consumer sentiment when it comes to the strength of the market.

In my opinion, this positive consumer sentiment also means the market is ripe for starting and growing businesses in 2022. Entrepreneurship has been on the rise, as you’ve seen me talk about in previous editions of career news, and I see no reason that activity will wane in 2022. Maybe it’s you’re year? (How’s that for planting a seed :))

Ok, Angie, I get it. The market is great right now. What do I do!?

I would typically tell you to start brushing off your resume, so you’re prepared for January 12th, my prediction for when the 2022 market will go BOOM. I gotta tell you, I think you might want to brush that resume off a little faster! Because things are continuing to roll through the holidays, we might find ourselves in a major hiring flurry come the turn of the clock.

Whether you’re fully prepared or feeling a little behind the eight-ball, don’t worry. The activity I’m seeing now also indicates we’ll see a normal length to the new year hiring cycle, and opportunities will be available in abundance until early March.

—> Get your job search strategy in order, start networking, or start making a business growth plan for the new year, so you’re ready to hit the ground running when the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella!

And as always, let me know how I can help!

Until then, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what amazing things you do in 2022.

Your Friend and Coach,


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