What is a career anyway? Let’s define “career.”

What is a “career” anyway? I did a little investigating and came across the following definition ofcareer”:

a profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling; a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life.

Meriam-Webster, we might need an update.

This definition implies that a career has a set course, and we all know today that isn’t true. Career opportunities are ever evolving and being created on the need of the market. Companies and entrepreneurship looks much different today than even a decade or two years ago. Social crisis and technology are ever changing career opportunities as we know it. 

Let me take a moment and define career from a career coach perspective.

Definition of Career

I would define “career”, in today’s market, as:

The vocation you assume, at any given time, in order to grow professionally and earn a living.

There are many factors to consider here.

  • You may move to another career. 
  • You may move up in the same career.
  • You may progress in unique ways based on your career path you have defined.

Ultimately, you’re utilizing a vocation to make a living. At the very least, that is a career. Bonus if it’s interesting, exciting, and helps you learn and grow in the ways YOU want to grow.

Evaluating Your Career Path

How does this definition of career settle with you? Would you say it’s accurate? Do you prefer Merriam’s definition of career? Either way, career or not, your satisfaction is the most important factor to consider. Rise above the societal standard of mediocrity and aspire toward your dream career. Take some time to define “career” and map out a career path that appeals to you.

Want a sounding board to help you achieve this goal and define that path? Click the blue-button below for an opportunity to speak directly with me, Angie, Certified Professional Career Coach. 


Angie Callen, Founder

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