E2E: Employee to Entrepreneur

Are you ready to take the leap?

Do you know your purpose?

It’s a big question. Are you ready to answer it?
Better yet, are you ready to use it to serve the world through an entrepreneurial endeavor that brings you satisfaction and impacts others?

Deciding on whether or not to start a business isn’t easy. Whether it’s a side hustle to supplement your income or create an outlet for your passion, or an attempt to make a full transition out of employment, there’s a lot to consider as you evaluate whether to stay an employee or become an entrepreneur. 

This program is highly unique to Career Benders – and to me. I’m intensely entrepreneurial, and I love debunking the many myths and assumptions around entrepreneurship to make it more approachable and potentially viable as a sustainable career option. 

It's one of my favorite explorations in all of career coaching, and you've landed on my passion! 

This program is unique, as it blends my strengths in career coaching and entrepreneurship to bring you a unique perspective and guidance as you consider this very critical professional – and personal – decision. 

Let’s dig in!

 Choosing the turn at this intersection dictates how we handle the second half of this process. We’re either going into planning mode to create a solid concept for your start-up and E2E transition, or we’re going into job search mode. For the latter, it looks a lot like this process.

There’s a loose framework to this program, but it’s really fluid and tailored to how you digest information and make decisions. One thing is for certain: you’ll walk away with clear goals and action items to take the next step in your professional career. 

EIGHT 60-Minute Coaching Sessions

Three Month Program

Employee Transition Coaching

This isn’t a linear process, and it has some forks in the road that dictate how we spend our time and what resources we focus on once you’ve decided on a direction.

We’ll examine your values, needs, and life goals to build the foundation for the engagement and decision-making process.

We’ll brainstorm ideas for both employment and entrepreneurial endeavors that satisfy your goals – and address what’s likely missing in your current job or career path.

Plenty of homework, research, and conversation will help us arrive at the fork-in-the-road, and it’s all uphill from there!

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