Start-Up and Entrepreneurship Coaching

From concept to launch, we’re passionate about helping others step into their entrepreneurial dreams!

Give me an idea, and I’ll tell you 87 ways to make money from it.

(Yep, that’s my superpower.)

I’m ready to start or grow your business! Woot woot!

I’m tossing aside the “we” reflected everywhere else on our site because the entrepreneurial journey and passion for coaching entrepreneurs are intimately mine. 

I love it.

Those little words: “I’ve been thinking about doing something of my own…” are about the most exciting – and dangerous – words someone can say to this champion of the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Whether you have a concept for a business that you’re not sure how to materialize, already have a small business that needs some TLC, or you just KNOW in your heart it’s TIME and you need some help with the WHAT, we can find a way. 

From debunking myths about entrepreneurship to helping people adopt the mindset required to ride this roller coaster, it’s really rewarding to help you see the possibilities that exist with your idea. I’ve somehow been blessed with the ability to productize potential, and your budding business endeavor will benefit from that perspective. 

Side hustle after side hustle (and more direct sales businesses than I care to admit), I tried over and over to become an entrepreneur without realizing that’s what I was trying to do. Once I stepped out and owned my strengths, vision, and desire to be my own boss, my world changed for the better.

I want that for you, and I’m going to be a catalyst to making it happen.

Let’s talk. And if you really want to get me going, ask me about the business of coaching. 


100 Days to Launch

From concept to naming and branding your business to identifying your niche, services, and avenues to getting clients, we’ll get you packaged up and ready to hit the market in no time.

100 Days to Launch is designed to give you the specific tools and framework to methodically move through business ideation, creation, and launch in as little as three months.

1999 – 2999


Existing Business

I love helping knowledge-based businesses (coaches and consultants) strategize and grow. The business of coaching is one of my favorite topics, and the ideals of how to market and sell a coaching business apply to many other service-based endeavors.

Learn from me and my experience growing a high-six-figure coaching practice in under three years!

Price Based on Project

Angie M. Callen, CPRW, CPCC
Founder and Principal

Angie is an award-winning founder, coach, and entrepreneur. She started Career Benders in 2018 with the goal of helping people reach their potential and find career satisfaction. Her passion for her work and commitment to client success is unmatched in the industry, where she has become a top voice in career development. 

Angie is a Certified Professional Career Coach and Certified Professional Resume writer accredited through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. You can read more about her here