February 2022 Career News

The world is such an interesting place.

On one side of the globe, a second Cold War is emerging, and over here in the West, we’re seeing the lowest rates in jobless claims we’ve seen since January of 2020.

The Department of Labor’s current report indicates declines in both new unemployment claims and also in continued filings, which means more people are going back to work for the first time and fewer people are reporting losses in jobs they already had.

This is good news for a lot of reasons.

In my opinion, it indicates the strong Q1 hiring we’re used to seeing this time of year. Though delayed from the typical second-week-of-January start, I’m now seeing activity representative of new year hiring.

With faster interview processes, a ton of passive hits on LinkedIn, and lots of negotiations over the past month, we’re jamming. It appears as if employers have wised up to the need to move candidates through a hiring process more quickly, as almost half of my client load moved out of active status over the past month thanks to successful offers.

Woot! Man, I love my job.

More Angie ramblings:

– The drop in unemployment also means interest rates will likely go up slightly to curb inflation. While the Fed finds the fine line between too much and too little to ensure the solvency of the current robust labor market, I see no current indication that the job market is fearful of pending rate increases, so keep applying, networking, and interviewing!

– My eyes were recently opened to the actual volume of teachers looking to move out of the classroom. I carved a little niche in this specific career change category a few years ago, before the mass exodus really started, thanks to my upbringing as a teacher’s kid (yeah, how would you like having your dad for three years of high school math?). It’s amazing to see so many people taking charge of their career future and a little scary for the horizon of education.

Nonetheless, we’re here to support and created a special resource specific to the #transitioningteacher movement. Check it out here.

– Team CB is growing, so look out for an exciting announcement coming your way next week! No, I am not expecting.

In summary, we’re back at it, folks. The market is strong, salaries are high, and hiring is fast. If you’re not already in the action (and want to be), you’re missing out.

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Happy career-ing!

Your Friend and Coach,


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