career coaches are changing the hiring landscape

How Career Coaches are Changing the Hiring Landscape

Career coaches are becoming an increasingly important part of the hiring landscape. A career coach can help you maximize your potential, find a job that’s a great fit for you, and give you the tools you need for professional success. After all, we spend more time at work than we do anywhere else in life; you might as well make the most of it! 

What Is a Career Coach?

Career coaches provide invaluable guidance and support to job seekers, career changers, and those preparing to advance in their careers. They are highly knowledgeable professionals with solid backgrounds in career consulting, human resources, career development, and the kinds of life experience that help coaches do what they do. 

From identifying transferable skills and strengths to finding career paths and workplaces aligned with your interests, values, and goals, career coaches help develop customized career plans and strategies to get you results. 


Here are a few specific ways carer coaches are changing the hiring landscape. 


Standing Out Among the Rest

Job searching is daunting, and finding the right fit can be tricky. There’s some stiff competition in those applicant pools, and professionals working with a career coach stand out among the rest.

Career coaching pairs naturally with professional resume writing, and these two offer a powerful combination that provides hiring managers with a clear brand and value proposition that boost your marketability. All of this bundled together is changing the hiring landscape. People are entering their job search with clearer goals, stronger interview skills, better-written resumes, and greater confidence.

If you lack confidence in your career, then look no further than a career coach. From building stronger communication and interview skills to understanding how to leverage a network, the coaching process has a lot of excellent intentional outcomes with one unique byproduct: greater confidence. 


Gain an Advocate (and Feedback)

If there’s one thing I hear over and over again (in addition to: do I need a one-page resume), it’s, “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong on my applications or in my interviews because I never get any feedback.”

Enter [career coach!] 


A Professional Advocate

Career coaches provide an advocate for job seekers – someone that can help you navigate the nuances of the hiring process and ensure you present yourself in the best possible light. A good coach will never tell you what you want to hear; they’ll tell you what you need to hear to be successful. Having a sounding board is invaluable when job searching; an unbiased perspective will help develop effective communication strategies, manage the stress of searching, and help you set realistic and achievable goals for your career. 



Access the Hidden Job Market

In the old days, we called this: “It’s all about who you know.” And while online applications and job boards have become very popular, there is still a lot of validity to it’s all about who you know.

Whether you have a deep network or you’re just starting out, a career coach can help you understand how to leverage relationships for success. From tapping into your inner circle to building the network you need and utilizing LinkedIn, career coaches have a robust toolkit for building a diverse job search (and networking!) strategy that can get you into the right place at the right place exactly the right time.

You’ll Earn Your Worth (and then some)

Did you know that professionals seeking a career coach’s support report an 80% boost in confidence? Ok, confidence is great, but how does that translate into higher salaries? When it’s time to negotiate that job offer, you have to have the confidence to ask for you’re worth. 

A career coach will help build the confidence to ask for the value, but they can also help you understand what your value looks like and help you advocate for a better compensation package. Ditch the imposter syndrome (70% of people have it) and own what you have to offer! 

Oh yeah, we coaches also have great resources and access to data points to help you define that value and get some leverage for your next salary negotiation. Win!



An Ally in the Hiring Landscape

Career coaches are more than just career consultants. They’re allies. 

They provide a valuable service to job seekers, career changers, and those seeking career advancement, and because of this, they’re closing a gap in the market. By helping their clients identify skills, interests, and values, career coaches offer personalized career plans and strategies that can take individuals to the career of their dreams – and that’s disrupting the hiring landscape one client at a time! 

Simplifying the Hiring Process

Candidates are demanding more, and we have the power to create a shift in the corporate environment.  The dedicated career coach helps candidates transition from one job to another faster by giving them access to insider knowledge about what employers are looking for in applicants and how best to present themselves during interviews. Career coaches help candidates evaluate company culture and take the guesswork out of the hiring processes. 

All of these services combine to make career coaches indispensable when it comes to hiring success stories in the hiring landscape. The support career coaches provide helps candidates target the jobs they are most qualified for within value-aligned companies where they want to work.

While companies will want to think the hiring process is all about them, I attest that career coaches are helping employees create a paradigm shift that will disrupt what we know of corporate culture for years to come. 


Are you ready for a better career future? Don’t get left behind by the coached portion of the job market, and be part of the hiring landscape change.

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Angie Callen, Founder

I created Career Benders to inspire confident professionals. In just three years, we have helped nearly 500 professionals navigate job searches, nail interviews, and find satisfaction in their careers. We’re here for you!

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