Interviewing Today: A Brave New World

Interviewing has changed a lot, and for many tenured professionals, there are new challenges thrown into the process we never could have anticipated based on how things “used to be.” 

Here are some interview tips and findings to help you understand the planet you’ve just beamed to, so you can make the most out of every face-to-face (or Zoom-to-Zoom) interaction.

5 Interview Tips

1. Courting is Out

Remember when companies used to try to sell US on working THERE? Yeah, you can forget that. Woo-ing candidates is so last season.

The onus is now on applicants to show authentic interest and genuine enthusiasm for a role…even early on in the process before we know if we have full interest and enthusiasm.

Tip: Do your research and know why, theoretically, you want to work for a company, so you can naturally respond to this question; success is often in the delivery here!

2. Projects, Presentations, and Homework – Oh, My!

As one of the seven steps in your interview process, you may be given an assignment. I dabble in hiring, so I understand the usefulness of this tool but some take it too far.

Most projects will (should) take no more than two or three hours, which I think is reasonable. I’ve heard of companies incentivizing candidates to complete more extensive projects with gift cards. There isn’t enough space for me to go on that diatribe…

Tip: Have boundaries and know when to bow out. If a prospective employer is asking you to spend an asinine amount of time on a project or wants intellectual property that could be used without hiring you, run; run far, far away. Otherwise, use these to your advantage!

3. Consensus is Now Key

Remember the seven-step interview processes I mentioned above? Well, once you meet with the hiring manager, three people from the team, twelve HR managers, and an intern, someone may want you to meet their uncle’s-cousin’s-neighbor’s-dog’s best friend to confirm you’re a culture fit for the team.

Tip: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Eat and drink water.

4. It Still Works Both Ways

Candidate pools are larger and more competitive than ever, so the opportunity to interview is coveted. If you’re able to run the gauntlet, you deserve a medal (or a cup of mead).

Take full advantage of interviews by gathering the information you need to analyze the role’s fit for YOU. Interviewing is still a two-way street, despite the recent removal of romance in this all-too-like-dating process. The decision to turn drinks into dinner, say yes to the proposal, and get married is still yours at the end of the day.

Tip: Approach the process in earnest: prepare, be you, and do everything you can to make sure you’re the one they want to fit for that big fat Tiffany ring.

5. Practice Methods for Today’s Interview Questions. 

We’ve all been asked the, “Tell me about yourself?” question and stumbled through behavioral interviews with long-winded, rambling answers. Your responses need to be well-thought-out and practiced. Don’t just wing it, but go in ready to nail your interview. So how do you do that? Find a great resource, friend, coach, or course that will prep you.

Tip: Utilize our “Rule of 3” method for giving a clear and concise answer or take our Interview e-Course that offers professional advice with proven results.

Interview Tips in this Brave New World

These 5 interview tips are packed in our arsenal of interview tips and have been delivered to our clients over and over again. We hope these will also help ease your nerves and give you confidence in your interviewing skills. If you need a little pep talk and some additional guidance, book a time to chat with me so that we can get you prepared to nail your next interview.

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