June Career News

June 2022 Career News

Let’s dig into the results from May!

June Career News: We’re halfway through the year.

Yeah, let that sink in, right?

If you set goals at the start of the year (remember that handy-dandy goals worksheet we sent out!?), this is a great time to review them and take stock of how you’re doing. If you planted a seed at the start of the year, has it sprouted?

Or did you forget to water it?

I was in yoga class this morning, and the teacher said something that sounded really relevant to this month’s career news. I’ve pondered what to write about over the past few days, and she handed it up to me on a silver platter (complete with a little irony to boot!).

What you’re seeking is typically also seeking YOU.

Think about that. We’ve heard other versions of this with varying levels of woo-woo versus religion:

– If you put something out into the Universe, the Universe will find a way to manifest it.

– See God, and He will seek you.

– Set an intention, ask for it, and it will come to it.

– Ask and ye shall receive.

Whatever the case, the thought of me seeking something that’s also seeking me really struck a chord as I talk to so many job seekers who are looking for a more fulfilling, satisfying career path.

Here’s an empowering idea: those careers could be seeking you as well!

Whether you want to think about it as stepping into your purpose or just moving into something that offers more life balance, taking a leap of faith to explore other options, no matter how unachievable they may SEEM, can provide a lot of very useful perspective. Take action on that newfound information, and who knows where you’ll land.

Likely right where *insert the power that be* wants you too 😉

And now, I’ll step away from an uncharacteristic woo-woo moment of my own to deep dive into some fact-based market intelligence.


The U.S. economy added nearly 400,00 jobs in May while the unemployment rate stayed at 3.6%. Notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, and in transportation and warehousing while the retail sector actually declined.

This is all great news that would render more excitement from me if the R-word wasn’t cropping up in every conversation I’ve had this week. Interest rates are taking a hike in the hopes of curbing inflation while I spent $85+ to fill up my Forester. Oof.

I’ll be honest, I have yet to see any evidence of a drastic change in hiring processes. I have seen a little pullback in the availability of new grad roles, which just seems to be the recurring theme from the past three graduating classes. Mid-level, senior, and executive roles are still moving because of their mission-critical nature. To me, this means companies are still expecting to carry on operations as usual, and they’re showing their risk aversion by slowing their roll on the hiring of less critical lower-level roles.

Other things that give me hope – a career changer landed her dream job this week at 3x her previous salary, I have yet to have a single client come to me and tell me they got l**d off (I’m just not going to jinx that by writing the word), and just because Facebook went on a partial hiring freeze doesn’t mean everyone will. I never assume anything they’re doing is indicative of the greater market ’cause they’ve got their own stuff to deal with. Whew.

The moral of the story?

Keep searching, keep pressing, and keep-on keeping-on. Hiring is still happening and salaries are still strong, so get after it, friends!


Your Friend and Coach,



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