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November 2021 Career News

What’s the market been doing for the last month?

Hiring continues to rise but at a slower rate than last month. September and October are typically a solid time of hiring, a cycle typically second in strength to Q1.

This fall’s hiring was 32%+ higher than last September (according to LinkedIn’s October Hiring Report), so that’s clearly encouraging. The interesting trend I saw was that the spike in summer hiring – remember those 31 candidates who got jobs in, like, 40 days? – took a little of the Fall thunder and spread things out over a longer period of time.

LinkedIn tracks 24 industries in these reports, and 14 of them saw significant gains in hiring last year as did the majority of the metro areas they track. A big win fell to the arts community who finally began hiring as events came back on line, and Seattle and Boston boasted the strongest job growth of the 20-city grouping in the line-up. I found that one noteworthy since they’re both tech hubs.

I’d say this data translates pretty well into what I saw among Career Benders’ clients. There was definitely a fall-off in offers compared to late-summer and early fall, but a lot of interview activity remained.

Hiring processes are slowing their pace now that Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and it remains to be seen what will happen between now and January 11th, which is my to-the-day forecast for the onslaught of new year hiring.

If you’re actively job searching or thinking of starting a job search in the new year, there are quite a lot of activities you can do now to set yourself up for success.

Obviously, getting your resume updated is the time-sensitive box to check off the list. Honing your interview skills or finishing a certification or skill-building course are also great ideas, but you can also network like a champ during this time of year.

People don’t want to work. Be the distraction they’re looking for! 🙂

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