Professional Development + Executive Coaching

Investing in yourself and in our people is an often overlooked, yet critical area, to career development and organizational excellence. 

Are you getting or giving the professional development you need to feel effective in your role?

Do you need to grow soft or hard skills to level-up your career and achieve your full potential?

Is there room for improvement in your leadership style?

Need help adjusting to a new leadership or executive-level position?

"Sometimes, people are so concerned about the bottom line that they forget about the most important thing...their people"

-Lois Zachary

Coaching can go a long way to improving the above – and so many other – challenges we face in the workforce as staff and leaders. 

We’re at a shift in the workplace; Baby Boomers are retiring, Millennials are rising, and they’re demanding a new style of management that is driving change.

The days of autocratic, authoritarian management styles are falling by the wayside in favor of positive, supportive corporate cultures developed through servant leadership, which focuses on team-driven environments where everyone has a voice and the glory is not for the guy at the top; it’s for everyone involved.

As this shift in workplace culture continues to evolve, it will become more critical than ever for to remain at the top of your game. Whether you’re working to rise above and shine as the top talent you or you’re an executive realizing you need to keep pace in order to attract and retain, top talent, we’ll help you with practical tools and guidance to help you achieve those very personalized goals. 

Ongoing and recurring professional development and executive coaching is tiered by experience as follows: 

Standard Professional Development | 2x Monthly – $549, 1x Monthly – $299

Executive Coaching for C-Suite, VPs, and Senior Directors | 2x Monthly – $699, 1x Monthly – $399

Ongoing and recurring professional development and executive coaching is tiered by experience as follows: 

Standard Professional Development 

2x Monthly – 549

1x Monthly – 299

Executive Coaching for C-Suite, VPs, and Senior Directors 

2x Monthly – 699

1x Monthly – 399

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Angie Callen


Client Focus:

  • Executives (all functions)
  • C-Suite Executives and Senior Leaders
  • Leaders Seeking First Director Title
  • Technology and STEM Professionals mid-career and above
  • Entrepreneurs

Angie is an award-winning founder, coach, and entrepreneur. She started Career Benders in 2018 with the goal of helping people reach their potential and find career satisfaction. Her passion for her work and commitment to client success is unmatched in the industry, where she has become a top voice in career development. 

Angie is a Certified Professional Career Coach and Certified Professional Resume writer accredited through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. You can read more about her here

Acacia Fante


Client Focus:

  • Transitioning Teachers
  • Marketing
  • Start-Ups
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Mid-Career Managers
  • Career Changers

Acacia has anchored her career on building dignified work experiences. It’s why she started her professional path as a classroom teacher before choosing to leave teaching, move into technology, and subsequently become a career coach.

Acacia is a Career Benders success story – she’s been coached and mentored by Angie, and more importantly, she’s been in the exact shoes you’re standing in today.  You can read more about her here. 

Tonya Sandeman


Client Focus:

  • AEC Professionals
  • New Grads
  • Career Changers
  • Marketing/Comms
  • HR
  • NonProfit
  • Level-Up to Management

Tonya is a seasoned communications executive with a wealth of experience in the dynamic AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) and energy sectors. She’s passionate about helping clients reach their full potential, which is why she fits perfectly into the Career Benders coaching team! 

Having navigated her own career transitions and professional development journey, Tonya is uniquely positioned to guide you in aligning your career with your personal values and life goals. You can read more about her here.