Volume 57 – Don’t Be Green with Envy: You Can Be Sunday Scaries Free!

Seven Ideas to Improve the Upcoming Work Week


1. Think About Your Workday Structure

Whether you work for an employer or yourself, implementing a structure to your days can boost your productivity, streamline tasks, and help you “eat the frog” when it comes to completing the stuff on that list, you’re just not all that into.

Root your day around set commitments, and if you don’t have set commitments, create them! 

In early 2020, in the “before days,” I was feeling burnt out and chaotic when trying to get all my work done. I started going to CrossFit every morning at 6 am because I needed the forced accountability to get up and get my day started. 


I  not only accomplished that goal, but made friends and got into great shape in the meantime! I now look forward to the social (ehhh, workouts…) every morning! 

2. Have Coffee with a Mentor

Book lunch or coffee with a mentor or former colleague you haven’t caught up with for a while. 

This is a great way to re-activate your network, nurture contacts to keep them warm for future leverage, and it’s also a great way to get wise council on challenges you’re currently facing at home or at work. #welovenetworking

3. Practice gratitude.

It’s so easy to focus on what’s going wrong and forget all the things going right, even if they are small and easily missed. A grateful heart is a happy heart; be thankful for all things in all circumstances. 

Having a hard time doing that? 

Grab a pen and a journal and end your day by writing down three things you were grateful for that day, even if they’re as simple as “I’m grateful I got to eat the last chocolate chip cookie,” it’s scientifically proven you’ll sleep and wake better when your mind shuts down on a positive note.

I know one thing is for sure: we’re grateful for you!

4. Think About the Culture You’re Building
This week’s episode of No More Mondays features Jennifer Tescher, a nonprofit founder who is working to make financial health accessible for all through her policy and advocacy work at Financial Health Networks. 

She’s also making sure her work environment is healthy! From encouraging sabbaticals to understanding each of those 70 people are humans who have needs, Jennifer’s take on leadership is refreshing, modern, and disruptive in the best of ways! Listen now, wherever you get your podcasts! 


5. Read a Book


Books are the gateway to great thinking, ideas, and strategies to help you move the needle forward on your current goal, whatever it may be.

If you ever feel stuck or want to move faster, then read more! 

Here’s a fun tip if you can’t carve out 20 – 30 minutes of daily reading time, check out an app called Blinkist! It’s basically podcasts meets Cliff’s Notes (I just dated myself, didn’t I) for books, and the library of professional development and business resources is amazing! 

6. Drink a Green Beer

Or hit up the local Saint Patty’s Day parade for some good old-fashioned fun (I almost said light-hearted, family friendly, but well, it is a holiday focused on beer). 

I have great memories of Boston’s St. Patty’s Day parade when I lived in Southie. From the Dropkick Murphy’s playing incredibly loud, distorted music from a ramshackle float to the 9,000 fireman running in and out of the parade line to grab free beers from the crowd, it makes me smile.

Go do something fun this weekend, even if it doesn’t involve green beer 😉

7. Be a Guinea Pig

We’re continually working to evolve and innovate new ways to provide you the best of the best in career services, and now you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a potential new offering we’re testing.

I conducted a LinkedIn poll recently, and 65% of respondents said they either hated applying to jobs or wished someone could just take over and manage their entire job search for them. 

We may just be answering the call with a solution to this pain point, and I’m currently looking for a few clients who wants to be part of a beta launch of a new service.
Click here to express your interest – because I know you’re just too curious not to find out what’s behind this very cryptic teaser! 

Here’s to a great week, every week!

Your Friend and Coach,

Angie Callen

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