Volume 58 – ACE Your Sunday!

Don’t Let Your Monday Ruin your Sunday

John Thompson III is here with                            Your Sunday Seven!

In this edition of the Sunday Scaries, John teaches us how to embrace Monday as an opportunity to start fresh and make the most out of the week ahead.

John joined me on a recent edition of No More Mondays where we barely scratched the surface of the principles and tools he offers in his new book, Stack Your Deck: How to Be an ACE in Business & Life! 

Get ready because you’re the lucky recipient of a wealth of information as we learn from what John likes to call the ACES Pillars of SuccessTM: Attitude, Connection, Empowerment, and Strength.

-> Take it away, John!

ATTITUDE, the ACE of Spades, is everything.  It is the foundation for success or failure in anything you do.  The good news is you have a choice each day regarding the attitude you will embrace for the day.

1. Strive For Harmony

According to Gallup’s study of 98% of the world’s population, there are five interconnected elements that shape our lives: Career, Social, Physical, Financial, and Community. By assessing our harmony across these elements, we can identify areas that need improvement and take steps to create balance.

For example, neglecting our physical health can affect our career and financial stability, and feeling disconnected from our community can impact our social and emotional well-being. By prioritizing each element and actively working to improve our harmony in each area, we can lead fulfilling and satisfying lives.

Click here or visit StackYourDeckBook.com/resources for a Wheel of Life tool to help you build the daily habits that work for you.

2.  Control Your Response 

Are you someone who gets easily affected by the ups and downs of life? Do you feel helpless when things don’t go according to plan, or when others treat you badly? It’s important to remember that while we can’t control external events, we can always control our response.

Remember, you have the power to choose how you react to any given situation. The next time life throws a curveball your way, take a deep breath and focus on controlling your response.

Luckily, we’ve got a tool to help you do just that.

3.  Embrace a Growth Mindset

People often limit themselves by believing that their abilities are fixed and unchangeable. However, those with a growth mindset understand that their potential is limitless and that they can improve with effort and dedication.

By incorporating the word “yet” into our vocabulary, we acknowledge that we may not have all the answers or skills at this moment, but through practice and perseverance, we can reach our goals.

Success doesn’t come overnight, but rather through a process of continual learning and growth, and building that mindset is totally possible!

CONNECTION, the ACE of Clubs, is what keeps you grounded and on track along your success journey.  Connection gives meaning and purpose to our lives and it’s something we can all cultivate.

4.  Create a Personal Mission Statement

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to keep up with everyone else’s expectations and desires. However, this can lead to a lack of clarity, direction, and purpose in your life. A personal mission statement is a powerful tool that helps you identify what truly matters to you, what drives you, and what you want to achieve in life.

Developing a personal mission statement is a straightforward process, but it requires some reflection and introspection. You need to identify your core values, passions, and strengths, and think carefully about how you want to live your life and what legacy you want to leave behind. Once you have identified these key elements, you can craft a powerful and inspiring statement that captures your essence and serves as a guiding force in your life.

Click here for a tool to help you create your personal mission statement today!

5. Build The Right Network

Surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial for your personal growth and success. Research from Gallup shows that having a best friend at work increases engagement levels. Jim Rohn’s philosophy of being the average of the five people we spend the most time with highlights the impact of our social circle.

It’s essential to build a supportive network that challenges, motivates, and inspires you. A positive environment can help you learn and grow and ultimately put you in position to achieve your goals.

Go here to learn how to assess your network and align yourself with the right individuals on your success journey. Your network truly can determine your net worth.

EMPOWERMENT, the ACE of Hearts, is about recognizing and claiming your power within.  Empowerment is about being confident in who you are, being true to yourself, and celebrating your freedom.

6.  Follow Your Purpose

Empowerment is a vital ingredient for a happy and fulfilled life. It’s not enough to merely coast through your days on autopilot, repeating the same uninspiring routines day after day. Instead, it’s crucial to find your purpose and follow your heart to discover meaning in everything you do. The centurions of Okinawa, Japan, have taught the world that the secret to a long, healthy, and purposeful life lies in following your Ikigai.

By identifying and pursuing your Ikigai, you’ll be living an empowered life of meaning and purpose. Imagine waking up every day feeling excited and eager to face whatever the day brings, knowing that you’re making a real difference in the world, pursuing your passions, and utilizing your unique skills and talents.

We’ve got an ikigai tool for you here!

STRENGTH, the ACE of Diamonds, is all about overcoming the challenges we face in life.  It’s not about the adversity we face but how we deal with that adversity that defines us.

7. Utilize Your Strengths

It’s no secret that employees who use their strengths daily are more engaged and motivated at work. According to a Gallup study, employees who use their strengths everyday are 6 times more likely to be engaged on the job, leading to higher productivity and profitability for companies.

In addition to improving job satisfaction and retention rates, using your strengths can also transform the work environment for the better. By identifying and utilizing your strengths, you can take control of challenging situations and find creative solutions to problems that once seemed insurmountable.

Click here to identify your strengths and begin the journey towards fulfillment each and every week.

John Thompson III

Founder & CEO Team ACES,

Author & Executive Coach


How much do we love John! Here’s to a great week, everyone!

– Your Friend and Coach, Angie

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