Volume 64 – Paddle Your Sunday Scaries Away

Don’t Let Your Monday Ruin your Sunday

Your Sunday Seven!

1. Have a Sunday Funday!

One of the cool things about doing all kinds of outdoor activities is the people you meet and instantly become friends with, which seems to be especially true when you’re on the river. 

My new friend, and fellow badass female whitewater paddle boarder, Jamie, gives you the suggestion to make Sundays your Funday

→ Whether you want to “shred the gnar” (snow or water), head out for a picnic, or explore a new nature park – make Sundays about adventure and fun. 

What better way to keep your mind off of Mondays!

2. Take a little Sunday time to set yourself up for a successful Monday. 

My second new river friend, Josh, reinforces a suggestion you’ve seen from us before – plan your Mondays on Sundays. 

If you’re putting mental energy towards Mondays anyway (in the form of anxiety), why not make it constructive and spend 15 – 30 minutes getting yourself prioritized and organized for a great kickoff to the week? 

PS: You gotta love getting this tip from a guy who lives 100% of his life on the road…in a van! #vanlife

3. Find an interest that energizes and excites you.

The third part of my trio of river friends this weekend was my husband, Jim, and I didn’t want him to feel left out, so I asked him for his #1 tip on combatting the Sunday Scaries. 

He hit the nail on the head with this one! If you’re into more Sunday Fundays – or more fun in general, there’s no better way to do it than with a hobby or activity that just lights you up. 

Jim has no problem with this – mountain biking, whitewater paddle boarding (and racing them, too), skiing, snowboarding, fly fishing, the fish tank, gardening, woodworking – he gets his little hands into lots of things and goes all in.

Take inspiration from him. I know I try to (else I’d be horribly boring, lol)!

Fun fact: Jim is a sponsored paddleboarder! He joined Team Hala this year. 🙌🏻 If you love outdoor gear as much as we do, you can check them out here.   

4. Improve your leadership skills 

Mondays can be dreadful if you’ve got a team of personalities to manage, so think about beefing up your leadership skills to enable a culture that’s better for everyone.  

Consider this – do you lead or manage? Do you know the difference? 

You should! 

Luckily, my (also) new friend Antonio Garrido is here to fill you in on this subject, along with some killer tools on how to improve your leadership skills, as my guest on this week’s episode of No More Mondays Podcast!

Listen now!

5. Start Journaling

One of the things Antonio and I talk a lot about in this episode is the power of journaling. 

As someone who suffers from “blank page syndrome,” I appreciate Antonio’s practical guidance on leadership journaling and how impactful it can be to you, your business, and the people you lead. 

Check out his book My Daily Leadership if you want a framework to start journaling without writer’s block. 

6. Express Gratitude

It’s scientifically proven that gratitude is associated with improved mental health, better sleep, lower levels of depression, and a greater sense of purpose in life. 

Grateful people tend to engage in healthier behaviors, which improves relationships as well. 

Perhaps you could combine the suggestion in #5 and start a gratitude journal!  You’ll be surprised at the new perspective with which you approach life. 💪

7. Pursue Your Potential 

TEASER: I’m designing an incredible retreat + mastermind for entrepreneurs and executives who are ready to take life, business, and career to the next level.   

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I want you to be the first to get in on this amazing opportunity to spend an incredible fall weekend with me, right here in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, as we kick off a six-month growth mastermind like you’ve never seen! 

If you want the dish on this getaway + mastermind, drop me an email at angie@careerbenders.com with the subject I want to Pursue My Potential!

Here’s to a great week every week!


Your Friend and Coach, 

Angie Callen, Founder

I created Career Benders to inspire confident professionals. In just three years, we have helped nearly 500 professionals navigate job searches, nail interviews, and find satisfaction in their careers. We’re here for you!

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