Volume 74 – This Is Your Brain on Sunday Scaries

Don’t Let Your Monday Ruin your Sunday


1. Spend some unexpected time with family

When you marry into a giant family, you never know what excitement will be around the corner, and one popped up for Jim and me when we found out one of  his (eight) aunts and uncles (and their 10 kids and grandkids – 30 strong!) would be a short six-hour drive away in Zion National Park. 

Who cares if it’s record heat here in southern Utah?! We loaded up the car, cranked up the AC, and arrived into St. George in time to welcome six minivans as they rolled in from the Las Vegas airport!


2. Beat the Heat

Yes, it’s 112 F here today, so we’re beating the hit with a hike through the iconic Narrows, in Zion National Park. 

Then the gauge hits red, there is no choice but to find water!

If you’re not in proximity to one of the most famous river walks in the world, I suggest you find a pool, grab a push pop, or turn on the sprinklers and run through them like a kid. Water is a must when enjoying a little outside time in this kind of inferno.


3. Stop and Take In Some Sights

Jim and I have been to Zion several times, including this past New Year’s when it was snowing. 

No, the irony doesn’t escape me. 

Despite having done this road trip more than once, we’ve never stopped to take in the scenic overlooks or read the many historic markers peppered across I-70 in central Utah where geological and pioneer history abound.


4. Support an Artisan

At each of the scenic overlooks we stopped at along the San Rafael Swell in Utah we found a member of Navajo Nation who had set up shop with their gorgeous sgraffito pottery, turquoise jewelry, and windcatchers. 

Jim and I enjoyed chatting while perusing their wares, informally laid out on canvas cloths on the ground. One sweet man, likely in his late 60s, told us he has been doing this since he was five.

5. Get on the Floor and Play with a kid

Jim’s aforementioned huge family includes something like 39 first cousins, and he’s the oldest, which means he’s well-versed in being the adult kid who rolls around on the floor and otherwise serves as the Pied Piper to kids of all ages. 

I type this as he sits and plays with mini monster trucks with a few of the toddlers here – take your pick; there are 12 kids under 12 in this brood! 

We may have elected not to have kids, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t lift my spirits to play with (and like) a three-year-old. Try it

6. Learn About Science

NPR’s Science Fridays is one of our favorite listens of the week. During the winter, it conveniently comes on while we’re typically heading home from the slopes, so we took this road trip as an opportunity to catch up on several (six?) episodes. 

From sharks to how the bird flu is impacting California Condors (which we have a small chance of seeing in Zion!), we learned about all kinds of things – even a professional violinist who is learning how to make 3D-printed violins out of plastic for $7!

7. Start a Business – Simplified

Suzy and I were destined to be friends, which is why I couldn’t be more excited to welcome her to the No More Mondays family! If you’re an entrepreneur trying to start or grow a business – or you’re considering diving into the world of business, this episode is for you. Suzy and I find all kinds of shared perspectives and common ground in a conversation that is comfortable, familiar, and informative. 

I love it so much, she’s going to partner with me for the Pursue Your Potential retreat. Woot woot!

Listen now wherever you get your podcast. 


Here’s to a great week – stay cool!

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