Volume 78 – Put a Stop to Your Sunday Scaries

Don’t Let Your Monday Ruin your Sunday


1. Food for Thought: Are you Burnt Out?

If you just paused to consider your personal answer to that question, I highly suggest you listen to this week’s episode of the No More Mondays podcast.

I know, I know. I say that a lot, but this week’s guest, Dan Capello, is a burnout and recovery coach who learned the hard way – in the stress of commercial kitchens.

Dan is also taking over this week’s email as he outlines critical six steps we can take to deliberately evolve and step into a life of success – also the topic of his upcoming book!


2. Determine your values and priorities.

If you’ve been around for any length of time, you’ll notice that values, priorities, and goals are a recurring theme. It’s because they serve as the foundation for all decision-making and prioritization.

Dan advises that we have one goal for our life. Only one. Not five, not three, not even two. One life goal. No pressure, huh? 😅

Aaaaaand, I’ll admit that this tip is actually three things rolled into one. So, I’m going to help you work through it with my Core Values Worksheet.

Take time this week to explore, or re-evaluate, your values and their priority in your life.


3. Embrace Self-Awareness.

How well do you know yourself?

When faced with adversity or a challenging situation, do you react…or respond?

Do you know the difference between the two?

Reacting is emotionally charged and often not very well thought out. Responding requires knowing your values and priorities and behaving accordingly.

Once we are centered in our values, we can respond (instead of react) to others, which gives you the benefit of perspective and empathy – so important when relating to others.

Pay attention to your own behavior this week and see if you are responding or reacting.


4. Adopt a Peak Performance Mindset

When you know where you have come from (the self-awareness stop) and where you are going (the values, priorities, and goal stop), then you can gain traction to overcome being held hostage by your own self.

While it may be a little painful to consider that you have been your own worst enemy, coming to terms with it can help shift your thinking for the better.

Are you ready to take on a new perspective where you are your best advocate?


5. Develop Adaptive Agility.

This stop is all about evaluating your circumstances and remaining nimble in navigating them. Adapt. Let go of things that aren’t a priority. Release the compulsion to win.

What (or who) can you remove from your life that doesn’t add value?

Hmmm, sounds like something we discussed last week for Simplify Your Life week, eh?



6. Refine Your Relationships

The people you surround yourself with can either push you further and faster to your goal or hold you back from achieving it, so it’s important to find the relationships that help you and don’t continue to hurt you.

Look around for the people who elevate you and will help you grow and achieve.


7. Become an Action Machine

This is as simple as “get off your butt and do it.” It’s taking purposeful action.

You must be deliberate in evolving into the person you need to be in order to get to where you need to go.

If you’re not deliberate, you’ll never evolve. If you never evolve, you’ll never reach your goal.

What small steps can you take this week that will help you get unstuck and inch forward toward your goals?

Leave it to a chef to give you some amazing food for thought!

Your Friend and Coach,


Angie Callen, Founder

I created Career Benders to inspire confident professionals. In just three years, we have helped nearly 500 professionals navigate job searches, nail interviews, and find satisfaction in their careers. We’re here for you!

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