Volume 81 – Conquer Your Sunday Scaries in the Mountains

Don’t Let Your Monday Ruin your Sunday


This week marks the 15th anniversary of my move to Colorado. As many of you know, the decision to move to the mountains has played a pivotal role in my career trajectory, life, and perspective on satisfaction. 

In honor of my crystal anniversary with the state I love, here are seven things I’ve learned, created, or accomplished – and how they can also help you! 


1. I underwent a massive career change. 

A terrible economy didn’t stop me, and in the middle of the Great Recession, I left engineering for a journey that took me through sales, small business, nonprofit, and a few years as an executive.

All of that led me to where I am today – after “bending” my own career, I founded Career Benders to help you do the same. 

Turns out, this is where I’m supposed to me, and I’m even nominated for an award this year (like what I did there?). Voting is still open, so click below for your last chance to cast your vote and validate the 15 years that have led me to this point. 🙂 

Vote for me in the Coach Awards. 


2. I’ve expanded my network (well, created a network!)

I’ll be honest: before I came to the world of coaching, I didn’t have a robust professional network. Sure, I love a good networking event (extrovert, here), but I didn’t understand the value of a network until I was immersed in this world. 

I’ve met some amazing people – friends! – during my time at the helm of Career Benders, and I’m inviting you to meet one of them this week in our next FREE Career Co-op! 

Mastering Values-Based Leadership 

Wednesday, September 13th 

11 am Mountain (1 pm ET/10 am PT) 

Join me and my friend and fellow coach, George Sudarkoff, for a fun and informative session on identifying your core values and leveraging them as you lead in the workplace. 

It’s FREE; why would you miss it!? 

Reserve Your Seat Now (RSVP required; you will also receive the recording).


3. I started a podcast and a movement. 

Heck yeah, to the No More Mondays movement! 

This week’s episode is pretty incredible and builds on the idea (above) that relationships are at the core of our personal and professional lives. 

Ed Wallace is a best-selling author and Managing Director of AchieveNEXT Human Capital, and this conversation is basically a masterclass on how to succeed in business, entrepreneurship, and relationships. 

Listen to the No More Mondays Podcast Latest Episode


4. I learned how not to be mediocre.

When I left Boston to move to Breckenridge, CO (my first stop here), people kept saying, “Oh, you’re living my dream,” or “That’s where I want to go!” It was like they were jealous and mad at the same time.

I remember thinking – Well, you could go somewhere you want to go too, but many (most) people don’t.

They stay stuck.

They keep themselves from their dreams.

They accept the life of mediocre satisfaction society tells us to accept. 

I buck that trend, and I’m here to help you buck that trend.

Need a little kick in the pants to do so?

Join me for the September cohort of the Job Search Bootcamp starting September 19th! 

Apply for my Job Search Bootcamp.


5. I got in tune with nature – and all of its wisdom. 

Adventuring in the mountains has helped me build confidence, understand the importance of disconnecting, and helped me see some of the most beautiful things you can via your own two feet. 

Trying new things – especially physical activities – is an amazing learning experience, something we’re not so keen on as we get older. 

Whether it’s casting a fly fishing rod for the first time or taking a hike for the first time in a decade, I encourage you to get outside and see what you can learn from the world around you. 

At the very least, you’ll be a better, more relaxed, and less stressed human for it! 


6. I met my person.

If I hadn’t moved here, I wouldn’t be Angie Callen. I’d be Angie Marasco Something, living a bland city life in a career I hated, and I have Jim to partially thank for helping me see all that life in Colorado has to offer (and he’s also responsible for a healthy dose of #5). 

He’s also taught me something else – if you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, having a partner who supports you makes a world of difference. Even before he was literally part of the CB team, he was always on board with me and my entrepreneurial whims. 

Whether it’s a business, a job change, or fulfilling that #1 item on your bucket list, get your other half on board.


7. I found my purpose.

And that is to help you find yours and put it into action. 

Thank you for being part of my community, part of my support system, and part of the world I’ve created. 

I wonder what the next 15 years in Colorado (and Career Benders) will bring? 


Here’s to a great week!


Your Friend and Coach,


Angie Callen, Founder

I created Career Benders to inspire confident professionals. In just three years, we have helped nearly 500 professionals navigate job searches, nail interviews, and find satisfaction in their careers. We’re here for you!

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