Volume 83 – Parenting Away Your Sunday Scaries

Don’t Let Your Monday Ruin your Sunday


I wouldn’t be who I am, or the coach I aspire to be, without the parents who raised me.

And this week, you’re in for a treat – you get to learn from THEM!

My parents are visiting us in Colorado for the first time since I moved here 15 years ago! In honor of this historic event, and their 45th wedding anniversary (TODAY), I let them take over the Sunday Scaries.

Without further ado, I give you…

Seven Tips to Improve Your Week (and Life) compliments of Floyd and Soni!


1. Always respect and listen to each other.

Even when you don’t want to listen because you’re busy, angry, hurt, or think you’re in the right. 

Even when you don’t like what you’re hearing and you want your turn to speak.

Any type of relationship- romantic relationships, family relationships, friendships, and working relationships- can benefit from this advice. 

Listening allows us to understand more about the other person and connect with them.

When we listen, we have a better chance to hear their message, ask for clarification, and check to see if we are receiving clearly. Showing this consideration for their ideas and opinions is essential to demonstrating respect and fostering a healthy relationship.


2. Mean what you say.

My mom and dad always say “I love you” everyday and they mean it

So, I’m taking that one step further: back your words up with the actions that prove the intention. 

As I’m typing this, I realize this is a two-part challenge.

First, be careful with the words you say. (Do your words align with your values and priorities?) Second, take action to demonstrate the truthfulness of your words. (Do your actions speak as loudly as your words?)

Taking action will require your time, energy, intention, focus, and quite possibly difficult choices. But it’s worth the effort because people will quickly figure out if you are the kind of person who follows through or flakes out.


3. Empower others to spread their wings.

This one was specifically about parenting me, but my editor said we don’t have space to share all the personal stories here. 

I’ll allow you to apply it to yourself, your kids, or the people you lead in a work or community setting. Offer your patience and unconditional support as you give people room to learn, make mistakes, try again, grow, and eventually take flight.


4. Don’t confine growth.

I remember, from an early age, my parents telling me that I hated to be confined as a child. I didn’t like to be held as a baby, climbed out of my crib, and otherwise have never played by society’s restrictions and limitations.

No one is shocked by this. 

Unfortunately, I see frequent examples of how we often try to impose limits on ourselves and the people we care about. The human brain, body, and spirit are remarkable and can accomplish amazing things if we aren’t held back by other people’s expectations. 

Don’t confine yourself, or the people you influence, from growing in their own path on their own timeline. 


5. Always seek improvement.

Work on yourself constantly in the area of your job, profession, or career. Be available to opportunities that are outside of your comfort zone. Seek them out, even.

Whether it’s a stretch assignment, a different type of project, or an entirely new role, you don’t have to know everything to do a job. Plus, the experience of overcoming the learning curve will boost confidence for the next challenge! 


6. Keep the faith.

Napoleon Hill and Rosa Lee Beeland were onto something when they wrote about having faith and trust in yourself and your goals in Think and Grow Rich.

Believing you can achieve things is the foundation of accomplishment, and rooting that in a connection to a higher purpose will help you tune into your potential in this world.

This all works together to provide the ultimate satisfaction and impact you’re meant to have.


7. Listen to your elders.

The list wouldn’t be complete without a recommendation to listen to Ben Daniele discuss The Art of Entrepreneurship on my No More Mondays podcast. This conversation with Ben was chosen for a re-release this week because it’s my mom’s favorite episode!

And for those of you who don’t know, my mom, Soni, has listened to EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. of No More Mondays. All of them. She is my biggest fan, and no one is more qualified to choose their favorite episode than my mom!

👉 I’d suggest you listen to the No More Mondays episode with Ben Daniele because Mom told you to.


I’m grateful Floyd and Soni (aka Dad and Mom) were willing to share some of the lessons they have learned during their 45 years of marriage and <mumble mumble> years of parenting me!


Here’s to a great week, everyone!

Your Friend and Coach,


Angie Callen, Founder

I created Career Benders to inspire confident professionals. In just three years, we have helped nearly 500 professionals navigate job searches, nail interviews, and find satisfaction in their careers. We’re here for you!

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