Volume 91 – No Thanks, Sunday Scaries

It’s Thanksgiving time, and this week’s tips are all about improving your week by showing your gratitude and appreciation.

1. Thank your team

When was the last time you stopped and authentically thanked the people who support you – at work and at home? 

Make a point to do that this week. 

I’ll go ahead and do it right now!

My Career Bender’s ops team – Kristen, our VA, and Jim, our media manager, killed it this week. Without them, you would not have a new e-book to peruse during your holiday travels, nor would you have a beautiful new website experience. 

I couldn’t do what I do without these two who support me and keep me going, including Jim’s additional role at home, where he ensures my coffee cup is always full.


2. Thank your “village”

They may not be directly working with me day-to-day, but I’m grateful to be surrounded by amazing colleagues and collaborators, including Vin Zeeland, who joined me as a guest on No More Mondays this week! 

Vin is a coach, consultant, and author on understanding the power of culture and how it can drive both personal and business success. He offers insights for the individual listener on how you can empower yourself by maximizing your strengths, plus a slew of practical tips for leaders looking to implement a culture strategy.

Tune in now!  


3. Thank your champions

You know who they are!

This week, I want to specifically call out the champions who supported my book launch – all of you who joined the pre-launch list, downloaded it upon drop, or celebrated it on LinkedIn. You made my world go ‘round this week. 


4. Thank those who go above and beyond

Clients, colleagues, friends – this business has brought so many amazing people into my world, and some of them are even willing to go the extra mile (literally) to meet me in person this week while I’m in New York! 

If you’re local or in the NYC metro area this week, drop me a line to join us at the meet-up on Saturday! 


5. Appreciate new experiences

Speaking of this trip to NYC, I’ve been sarcastic and salty about it since we decided to go, mostly because I haven’t traveled for Thanksgiving since 2004. Seriously – not joking! 

Once I get past the 3-mile-long line at DIA, I’ll be much more excited for the new experience of sharing a holiday with one of our families, which Jim and I have never done in our 14 years together! 


6. Appreciate pumpkin pie

Hey, you have to splurge sometimes.


7. Appreciate time off

We’re shutting down next week to revive after a hard push of two product launches this past week and to recharge before we go full-force into the preparations for the new year hiring cycle. 

I hope you’ll have some time to shut down, step away from the computer, and spend quality time with the people you love, including yourself. 


Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Friend and Grateful Coach,


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