Volume 92 – Light Up Your Sunday Scaries

We are visiting Jim’s family in New York this week. New York City is magical, though it reminds me of the 12,748 reasons I do not live in a big city!

You all know I’m a #mountaingirl at heart, but I decided to embrace the big city vibe with seven Big Apple-inspired tips to improve this post-holiday week.


1. Get into the holiday spirit

The holiday season is upon us, but this can be a stressful or difficult time for many people, so I’ll encourage you to find a way to get into the holiday spirit. Even if small, let the thanks and joyfulness of the season seep into your soul.

We kicked things off with some good old-fashioned New York holiday sightseeing, including this incredible light display at Saks Fifth Avenue, compliments of Dior! 🤩

If you are unable to generate holiday spirit for yourself, borrow some from others and go see some lights! 


2. Go to a show

The family went to see Spamalot on Broadway while I hosted my NYC networking night on Saturday. 

Broadway is the ultimate theater experience, but you undoubtedly have some local options! Get decked out or go casual at a local comedy club, a concert featuring local artists, school holiday production, or a local theater group – they would love to have your support!


3. Walk somewhere you usually drive

Even if you’ve never been to NYC, you know about the horrible traffic. There is a reason I would never think of driving in this city (and why I live out in the middle of nowhere! 😂). 

This week, allow extra time to walk somewhere that you usually drive. Or, take a train or bus if you live near public transportation. The exercise is good for your body and brain; it will put you in contact with more people, which we all need more of right now.


4. Eat pizza

I’ll admit this is strange coming from a person who can’t eat dairy or gluten. So I guess the message is either: 1) get creative or 2) splurge and enjoy the temporary pleasure every now and then.

I do like food. 🍕 


5. Play a board game.

I’m partial to Trivial Pursuit over the game of Candyland, which I was talked into by our 3.5-year-old niece today, but either way, board games are a fun way to test your brain and connect while the technology is off. 


6. Long weekends are a must

Jim’s contribution to this week’s Sunday Seven is: “When in doubt, stretch it out.” 

This guy makes my life sooo much more interesting! 😆

Build margins into your travel plans to enjoy more time with your family and friends, get more rest, or not be totally exhausted when you return from traveling.

It also helps cut the airport anxiety about 7x. 


7. Remember to rest

We needed a rest after working hard to launch the e-book and the new Career Benders website earlier this month. We all tuned out this week, and we’re better for it! 

Life is always busy, and the holiday season is no exception. 

Set aside time to rest

Even if you think there isn’t time to rest, rest

You will be more productive in the long run if you take time to frequently recharge. 

👉🏼 We even put this principle into action this week and rested – even from podcasting. So, while there isn’t a new No More Mondays episode, we have dozens of previous episodes that can shake up your life. 

Since we are 100% sure my mom is the only fan who has listened to ALL of our podcast episodes (hi, Soni), I suggest you head on over and find a new-to-you gem.

🎙️ Find a podcast episode here


Here’s to a bright week!

Your Friend and Coach,


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