Volume 122 –  🍓 Berry Blissful Solutions to Your Sunday Scaries 

This week’s Sunday Scaries are fresh off the presses and inspired by the 127th Annual Strawberry Days Festival that’s happening right here – as we speak – in my little town of Glenwood Springs! 

Strawberry Days is the oldest civic celebration in Colorado and holds a special place in our community’s heart. We happen to live directly on the parade route, so I’m stupid excited to head to my stoop and watch the parade from my front porch for the first time (we were away last year for this festival, so it’s the first year since buying our little slice of heaven that we get to be in the thick of things)!

I’ve resisted the temptation to run a little too far with the strawberry theme and instead decided to provide you with seven fun, whimsical, nostalgic ways to combat the Sunday Scaries! 

1. Celebrate Your Community

There’s something magical about coming together with friends and neighbors to celebrate a long-standing tradition. Strawberry Days has been a part of this town since 1898, and it’s kinda’ neat to think about doing something the pioneers did all those years ago. 

Community is so important to our overall well-being and meaning in life. Whether you’re attending a local festival, a neighborhood gathering, or immersed in a professional community, find a group that lifts your spirits and provides an oh-so-needed support system around you.

Business, career, and life are better shared!

2. Carry On Traditions

I love old things like heirloom furniture, relics from the past, and traditions. We’re so focused on what’s new and fresh nowadays that it’s become even more important to maintain traditions like Strawberry Days, which serve as a bridge between the past and the present and connect us to our history and values. 

From the free strawberries and ice cream to the lively parade, I’m thrilled to be part of a long-standing tradition while establishing our own new traditions around it! 

Embrace your traditions – a family recipe or an annual event – and let them ground you in who you are and from where we all came. 

3. Create Memories

Hosting a party is one thing, but creating memories is another whole level! 

The first annual Callen Strawberry Days picnic will not only have second, third, and 50th editions but it will also be cemented in my memory forever. We’re fortunate to have just about the best neighbors anyone could ask for, so sharing this with them is special. 

I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to have a grilled hot dog and some good old-fashioned side dishes!?!

Speaking of…I want more of that strawberry pretzel salad (oh, you know the one…with the Jell-O)…🤪

4. Enjoy Simple Pleasures

Grand gestures and big adventures are fun – I should know; they’re part of our everyday life in the Callen house – but sometimes all it takes is the simplest thing to help you find joy. 

Strawberries and ice cream (strawberry milkshake anyone?), a sweet treat, a walk in the park, a good book…do the small things that make you happy. Indulge in life’s simple pleasures, and the Sunday Scaries will have no choice but to fade off into the sunset.

5. Embrace Your Inner Kid 

 Let yourself get lost in the fun and excitement of something just so – youthful! 

Watching the parade with all its colorful floats and lively music (and picking up a few tossed  tootsie rolls, let’s be honest) transported me back to the carefree days of childhood when I dug in the dirt and actually could buy a tootsie roll for a penny at Minteer’s Market on Main Street in Claysville, PA. 

Ah, the nostalgia! 

Sometimes, all you need to shake off the Sunday Scaries is to let loose and enjoy the moment like you did when you were a kid. 

[Dance like no one is watching.] 

6. Take in Some Small-Town Charm

It shouldn’t take a festival for you to head out and enjoy the fun and history of the small towns that surround you. First of all, it is the BEST way to find the perfect knick-knack and the most amazing antique stores you’ll ever, ever see! (Anyone ever been to Walnut, Iowa – the antique capital of the world?)

Secondly, taking a break from city life will help you reset – slow down, walk around, chat with people on the streets. Life moves at a different pace in small towns, and while it isn’t for everyone every day, these little hidden gems can provide needed respite from the hustle, bustle, and grind.

Did I mention that our small town boasts two world-class hot springs…that we can ride our bikes to? 

Wanna come visit?? 🙂 

7. Celebrate Strawberry Season

I waited alllll the way to the end – well, kinda’ There were some strawberry-eating hints along the way to this obligatory seventh tip. 

Strawberry Days wouldn’t be complete without celebrating the delicious fruit that gives the festival its name. Since it’s officially strawberry shortcake season here, I’m going to encourage you to take some time to whip up a batch of homemade biscuits, which is my favorite vehicle for strawberry shortcake, load it up with whipped cream, and savor the moment. 

Here’s to a great week, every week. And strawberries!  🍓

Your Friend and Coach,

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