Volume 123 –  Gain Independence from Your Sunday Scaries

Today closes out the first half of 2024 and I think that deserves a celebration, so I got the gang back together to do just that! 

Everyone enjoyed hearing from the Career Benders Team for the Father’s Day edition a few weeks ago, so I asked them all to chip in again. 

And in true Angie style, I waved a sparkler and worked my coach magic to extract a tip from each memory that will make your week even better than a holiday week naturally is. 🎇 

Let’s kick things off with one of two bonus tips straight from Uncle Sam himself. ❤️🤍💙 

1. Be Flexible

It’s a holiday weekend – places will be closed, traffic might be terrible, and the parking for fireworks could be awful. Breathe – just like our old friends John and Tom did when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. 

Did you know that it wasn’t actually signed on July 4th? 

Nope. We may celebrate the nation’s independence on that date, but the majority of the delegates didn’t sign the Declaration until August 2nd. 

Just like this historic document, projects can take longer than expected to complete. Give yourself (and your team) grace when things need to shift and be patient when the right thing to do is wait. 

If John Adams and Thomas Jefferson can deal with sweaty palms for 29 days, you can deal with the parking lot that every major highway will be on Wednesday afternoon.

We took it way back with that one! Now for some more memories! 

Tonya shared:

“While I don’t have a single favorite memory, our family 4th of July tradition makes up for great memories…

From a young age, I’ve liked the Fourth of July best. We always made homemade ice cream and chocolate sheet cake (along with delicious ribs!). We went to the fireworks stand to buy a few fireworks that morning with my dad, and each kid got a few dollars to buy our favorites. 

There was always an abundance of American flags, games, hammocks, nights looking up at the sky in awe, family, friends, laughter, and this incredible sense of pride and contentment when we celebrated. 

We still continue these traditions, and I’m looking forward to yet another round of homemade ice cream, chocolate cake, and a few cheap fireworks next week with family and friends!”

2. Find Contentment

Be grateful for life’s simple joys; reflect on what’s going right (instead of what is going wrong), and appreciate the things that bring you joy. 

Whether it’s spending time with loved ones, enjoying a favorite treat, or simply the feeling of a summer evening, regularly practicing gratitude is good for the soul.

Acacia shared:

“Mine is the town tailgate we used to do in Durango, right up against the Animas River when I was a kid. The nostalgia of popsicles, fireworks, the sound of the water, and truck beds runs deep for me. Mostly, I just loved spending a summer evening outside, celebrating with friends and family!”

3. Recreate and Relive the Fun Times  

What is it about the summer nights? If you now have Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, a la Grease, stuck in your head, my day is complete. 

A holiday week is the perfect opportunity to recreate and relive some of your favorite childhood memories – whether it’s summer days or summer nights! 

Kristen, shared:

“I don’t have many specific Independence Day memories, but I do remember that a few years in middle school, I went to summer camp during the week of the 4th. I enjoyed celebrating holidays and saw camp as the perfect opportunity to display a part of myself other than the quiet, studious, religious person I appeared to be. So I went all out and wore all the red, white, and blue things, including a headband with US flags on top of springs that wiggled around as I walked.

The holiday bling was more closely aligned with my naturally goofy self than the parts of Kristen I typically shared with most people, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to share that side of me, even for just a day or two.”

4. Show Your True Colors

Independence Day is about freedom, so it’s an excellent reminder to celebrate all aspects of ourselves, even those that can feel harder to share with other people. 

Are there parts of yourself you tend to hide away? 

Maybe this is your permission to allow your authentic self to shine, so you can have a deeper connection with the people you care about.

Jim shared:

Growing up, the 4th of July for me was always about time spent with family; my Mom’s side of the family gathers in Erie, PA every year for a big reunion picnic. It is always such a great time to see the extended family and catch up. It’s a yearly tradition that’s been going on since 1890. In fact, 2020 was the first year missed since World War I.” (😲!)

5. Nurture Relationships Across Distances

Jim’s family’s long-standing tradition of reunions highlights the importance of maintaining strong connections, even across distances. 

This week, make an effort to reach out to extended family members or friends you haven’t connected with in a while, or heck / go to that reunion! 

Angie shared:

“Mine is the memory of one 4th of July in particular. 

The summer before my junior year of college, I took a trip to San Francisco to visit a friend for the Fourth of July. It was a summer of so many firsts, which is what makes it memorable – my first flight (yes, I was 22 years old before boarding an airplane), my first taste of the West, and the first time I traveled anywhere alone. 

I saw fireworks displays from the skies and from the shore of the Pacific Ocean, but it’s the way the world became open to me that summer that will cement that Fourth of July in my memory forever. 

Who knew what the world unleashed on July 4, 2001!?!” 

6. Embrace New Experiences

The memorable summer of firsts in San Francisco serves as a reminder to step out of your comfort zone. 

Try something new. Whether it’s exploring a new place, picking up a new hobby, or simply changing your routine, embracing new experiences can open up new perspectives and build confidence.

Y’all know I love new experiences for that very reason!

7. Most Memories Include Others

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the only two presidents to sign the Declaration of Independence, both died on July 4, 1826, 50 years (exactly!) after the adoption of the document. Despite their political differences, these two men played a critical role in the history of our country, and they were so inextricably intertwined that they even passed on the exact same day. 🤯 

They did reconcile, by the way, and maintained a deep, respectful friendship, and their shared vision paved the way for a lasting impact of epic proportions. 

People make the world go ‘round. There’s a reason every single memory we all share has friends, family, and community in it. We’re meant to connect and collaborate, and on this Fourth of July week, I hope you’ll think about where you can forge deeper, more meaningful relationships with family, friends, colleagues, or even clients. 

You never know what legacy you’ll create. Together.

Happy Independence Day! 

Your Friend and Coach,

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